About Us

Who Are We?

Kinkie Pink creates the finest in Erotic Music. Designed to enhance your sexual playground, our stimulating visuals and seductive songs create a unique Sensual Erotic Xperience guaranteed to “PLEASURE YOUR SENSES”.

We are an online erotic community and we hope to arouse your senses & inspire you to become part of The Kinkie Pink Experience and encourage you to explore your own sensuality.

Is it PORN?

NO! We are unique in that we offer you a stimulating, erotic experience where YOUR imagination is the key to your own pleasure. We don’t sell sex…”We Sell SEXY!

Sound Fun?

It IS! Click here to sign up, it’s COMPLETELY FREE to join! Contribute & participate in this exciting community where we believe that YOU are your OWN Experience.

 What is KINKIE?

Click below to see OUR definition & let us know what YOU think? Because, after all…Kinkie Pink is ALL about YOU!


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Kinkie Pink Studios

Kinkie Pink is a local, Southern California small business that is operated from a ‘secret’ location just east of Los Angeles. We are a Full Service media production company that creates EXCLUSIVE media in house. We cater strictly to the Sexy Adult Community (18+) & are continually involved in numerous erotic projects.

If you would like to get involved with Kinkie Pink on a Professional level, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Page  and be sure to include any relevant contact information so that we may contact you as soon as possible.

*Please allow 48-72 hours for a response as we are a small team of dedicated individuals & there is only so much we can do in a day so please be patient with us. We will continually add new content going forward & are excited to show the world what we have been working on.

Thanks for your continued support & we hope you become involved with the community!

Ivan Miller

Mail:  ivan@kinkiepink.com

Title: Director/Producer/Media Creator

Roze Miller

Mail:   roze@kinkiepink.com

Title:  Owner & Brand Manager

Kevin Lyons

Mail:   kevin@kinkiepink.com

Title:  Director & Visual Designer

Ignatius Fischer

Mail:   fisch@kinkiepink.com

Title:  Director