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Doin’ it in the Dark!

Do You Prefer Sex In The Light Or Dark?

It’s funny. I had an interesting conversation with someone the other night and they asked me “Do you prefer sex in the light or sex in the dark?”

Personally, I am all about a dimly lit room, erotic music playing in

the background and just enough light to make out the shape of my lover. Some people are all about the light. I’m not talking about blaring stadium-type lighting so I can see the crowd cheering me on as I get close to orgasm. I’m also not talking about a spotlight on her face so I can interrogate her saying “Did you cum? Did you cum?!” like a detective from a bad 70′s tv show.kinkie-in-the-dark

I love playing with light. Interactive light to me is the best. Not only does it set the mood but it provides me with the chance for some Shadow Play. I rarely have sex during the day. Since I wake up early for work and hardly ever sleep in on the weekend, nighttime to me is the time that I can unwind, relax and be sensual.


Sexy Kinkie LightingDo You Prefer Sex In The Dark

I work hard at pleasing my woman but I don’t necessarily always want to see that orgasm face. Does she shut her eyes? Does she tilt her head a certain way? Does her head turn all the way around like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist?” Moaning is a wonderful way to know that she is being pleasured and I’ve found that naughty talk is almost non-existent when the lights are on. (Have you guessed yet that I am BIG on sounds?)

There are times I don’t mind having sex in complete darkness, like in the middle of the night when you wake up having sex and don’t know where it started. Darkness in that situation is wonderful. After all, who wants to get up to turn on the light when you just woke up and you are enjoying all sorts of great sexual sensations?

So, I’m a mood light kind of guy. What about all of you? Do you prefer sex with the lights on, with the lights off, or somewhere in between depending on the mood?


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