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Sensory Deprivation in the Bedroom



You’re feeling your partner’s skin, tasting kisses, smelling sweat and arousal, listening to the sounds of breathing and moaning, and all the while watching exactly what you’re doing. That can sometimes cause your body to become distracted and take sensation away from the act, or sometimes it can turn your orgasm into a freight train that barrels right past your control. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with either extreme, one way to establish more control over sex is to take away one of your partner’s senses.

The Five Senses

When humans lose one of their five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch), the other four become stronger. This is a known fact. It is because you’re dealing with all of your sensory input at once and trying to make sense of it. If you cut out one sense, then that’s less information for your body to process and you can focus more readily on one sense. Do you close your eyes when you’re trying to really savor the taste of something for instance? Of course you do…and this little quirk of human biology can be easily transferred behind closed doors into much nice private settings.

Turn Out The Lights

blindfoldForeplay is the best place to bring in sensory deprivation. It should generally start off slow (but keep in mind this is just a suggestion; to each their own), and with senses that your partner relies on most. Humans in general use sight the most and it’s one of the easiest to cut off. You could take some soft cloth and blindfold your partner, or for those who are into things a bit racier you could put a mask over your partner’s face. If both of you want to try this experiment, you should turn the lights off and close your eyes while you have sex. The smells, touches, tastes and even sounds will be more intense without your eyes getting in the way.

Hear No Evil


Sight is just the beginning though. If you have a comfortable and safe way to alter your partner’s hearing try our EROTIC MUSIC  combined with cutting off another one of their senses (sight, for instance with a blindfold), then the remaining senses are heightened even further. Your partner will be much more receptive to your touch (especially light touches, which can be slowly increased in intensity as things escalate) and even to taste if you want them to kiss you or to perform oral sex by taste and feel.

 Don’t Abuse The Power

 saturday-morning-3It’s important to note, of course, that sensory deprivation has strong elements of power and control attached to it, along with trust. If you take away one of your partner’s senses, but you keep that sense for yourself, then you have power. In return, your partner trusts you not to abuse that power (once again, unless that’s something you both like). Keeping with this theme, it’s always interesting to expose your partner to different sensations when you’re in control. Hot wax is one safe way to cause intense sensation on the skin. So is biting, or if you desire, whipping. As with the sensory deprivation however, make sure that you and your partner have discussed things before hand and that you both know each other’s comfort level and limits. Safety words are always a good idea. Some people react negatively to having a sense taken away from them, and nothing kills a mood faster than one person being uncomfortable and afraid to the point that arousal cannot be maintained.

Check back as we post more fun, naughty bedroom ideas. And  please ask questions in the comments sections—We’ll be reading all of them.



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